Individual Use
Individual Use

This DVD is designed to teach and show educators This purchase price includes an individual license to show. It does not include any right to copy, reproduce or post online in any form. Organizations/institutions intending to use the DVD as part of their programs/workshops/courses should select the License for Large Group Showings (Business/Organizational License to Show) pricing option if purchasing fewer than 6 copies. Contact for more information. If paying by credit card, press the "Place Order" button under Paypal, and then there will be a choice ... on top will be the option to pay with paypal. To pay by credit card without paypal, scroll to the very bottom. There will be button "pay with a credit or Visa debit card". Press that button and there will be a new screen that allows you to pay with either Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express.

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DVD + References + Individual License to Use.