Wondering how people can heal from complex trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) or attachment trauma?  Wondering how to manage behaviours you see in the classroom, clinic, ER, organization, the streets, or wherever you work that might stem from early trauma? Frustrated that medications and CBT aren't helping your patients, or clients as much as you thought it might? Wanting to help those you come into contact with to heal from trauma, even though you don't have much time to work with them? Hoping to gain skills that not only decreasing triggering in trauma survivors, but also can help them in their journey towards healing? Looking for ways to gain buy-in from colleagues or co-workers who think of trauma-informed care as "airy fairy" instead of what it actually is -- brain based, biologically effective interventions? Or maybe you are a counsellor wishing to learn more about therapeutic ways of approaching trauma?  Whatever your situation, scroll below for current open courses, or contact us at info@beyond-the-cycle-of-trauma.org.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable and practical neuroscience-based education and resources to empower health care workers, administrators, counsellors, teachers parents, workers, professionals, organizations, and communities that work with the after-effects of trauma. We develop simple tools to help people understand what they are seeing and feeling in order to better respond to stressful situations, decrease the chance of contributing to trauma cycles, improve their resiliency, and strengthen one's chances of healing past the cycle of trauma.

For our physician members who have received full training, we aim to expand towards sustainable low cost ongoing education for healthcare and clinic staff throughout the country; as well as create support groups of professionals who share a similar set of challenges around trauma, through a common understanding of brain basics of trauma-rooted behaviours, and its resultant response skill sets that can be used to enhance our resiliency, and our effectiveness in reaching beyond the cycles of trauma.

For workshop requests, contact us at: