Dr. Erika Cheng

Executive Director, Physician

Erika Cheng is a Family Physician who does emergency, hospital and clinic work. She also served for many years as the local medical director, and provides Trauma-and Dissociation-focused psychotherapy. Her areas of interest includes ways to positively shift the negative dynamics that often occurs when those who have experienced early relational trauma intersect with healthcare, educational and other services – dynamics leading to increased stress and burnout for providers, and worsened outcomes and retraumatization in Survivors. It was this interest that led to her passion for teaching frontline workers brain-based, healing-aligned skills for working more effectively with people who have a history of trauma. She is also the Executive Producer and co-writer of the “Reaching Past the Cycle of Trauma” © series of short films, and serves as Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, Beyond the Cycle of Trauma Institute.

K.C. Scott

Certified Addiction Counsellor

As a certified addiction counsellor, and with her experience as a Drug & Alcohol Outreach Worker, K.C. has transformed her lived experience into a positive force for healing past the cycle of trauma. She has provided addiction prevention teaching at schools, and hosted youth support groups. She actively advocates for improved community and healthcare provider knowledge and skills on how to work more effectively and compassionately with individuals with a lived experience of complex or intergenerational trauma.

Dr. Amber Bacenas

Family Physician

Dr. Amber Bacenas is a family physician who provides full service primary care in hospital, clinic, and emergency medicine. She has also held, and continues to hold, a variety of medical leadership positions. Having lived lived and worked most of her life in rural/remote Canada, she is passionate about improving healthcare delivery in rural communities. She believes trauma-informed practice and cultural competency are vital to medical education.

Hannah Le Bouder

Co-Founding Director, Medical Student

Hannah Le Bouder is particularly passionate about connecting youth who are survivors of childhood trauma to the community support they need to reach past the cycle of trauma. During Senior High, she created a Youth Peer Counselling Group with the aim of creating a safe space for youth who were struggling with emotional issues to find support from one other. She is currently pursuing a Medical Degree through the University of British Columbia after having received her undergraduate training in Behavioural Neurosciences.