Free On-Line: "The Abridged Handbook of Trauma-Informed Care ESSENTIALS for Healing Past the Cycle of Trauma, and Study Guide Companion to "Here/Hear to Heal"

17 Mar

Coming soon to this page: This handbook  explains essential concepts for working effectively with trauma that are not taught in typical "Trauma-informed Care Training". It provides a framework that you will find easy to apply that can diminish the risk of triggering patients who have been offered risky choices and collaboration opportunities.  For example, have you ever had an annoyed patient answer you when you offered them a choice:  "WELL YOU'RE THE DOCTOR, WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME????!!" Learn how you can read what this statement, and other similarly dystonic ones,  is telling you about what a patient is needing from you at that moment to help them feel safe. Learn the framework that will help you avoid such episodes of discordance with your patients, as well as help you plan ways to improve TIC for your own self, your staff, and your learners.

The abridged handbook will be posted on this page, in increments. 

Posted: June 2, 2020

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