Short Film on "Healing Past the Cycle of Trauma"

Healthcare providers want to provide excellent service to all their patients and clients, but often, patients/clients with a history of Complex Trauma, Dissociation, or a high ACE score can present in ways that are confusing or frustrating for both the healthcare provider and the patient/client.

The short film, "Here (Hear) to Heal: Building Foundations of Resiliency through Trauma-Informed Care Essentials", explains important effects of trauma on the brain and body. It introduces practical, easy-to-follow, mindfulness and mentalization tools that help healthcare providers to successfully negotiate difficult encounters, decrease burnout, improve resiliency, improve patient experience of healthcare, and to contribute more effectively to the healing of patients/clients who are also trauma survivors.  

'Here (Hear) to Heal' follows physicians, patients and nurses in a hospital/clinic setting, in order to visually model for healthcare providers ways to work more effectively with all patients/clients regardless of whether or not they have a trauma background. 

This film fulfills all CanMeds criteria, and will prove to be a valuable tool for clinicians, preceptors, and Trauma-Informed Educators alike.

The DVD is available for purchase through this website's store. Choose either INDIVIDUAL or ORGANIZATION depending on how the DVD will be used.