Short Film on "Parenting Past the Cycle of Trauma"

None of us were born knowing how to parent. The human brain learns parenting through how key adults treated us when we were little, even if we do not consciously remember their parenting styles. Inter-generational trauma is often transmitted by well-meaning parents who react to their children when they are triggered based upon the parenting style they received when they were young and which became programmed into their subconscious brain networks.  

Unfortunately, just reading books, or knowing how to react differently does not change the subconscious parenting programming our brains received when we are young.  Observing and experiencing a different way of interacting does.

"This Is Me Now: Re-opening the Door to Parenting" is a short film and accompanying study guide showing the neurobiology of how intergenerational trauma is passed on, and models ways of moving past this cycle.  Filmed by award-winning Director, Hilary Pryor, this short film draws on the expertise of internationally-acclaimed Trauma and Dissociation Therapist, Dr. Sandra Wieland, and was made in collaboration with the Nuxalk Nation of Bella Coola, British Columbia.  The concepts and principals explained in the study guide and shown in the film are fundamental to working successfully with both children and adults whether or not they have had trauma in their past.

This film is designed to be used as a visual tool by counselors, therapists, social workers,  or  by a facilitator who has read/studied the accompanying study guide.  It is not meant to be viewed without support or explanation. Parents, clients, students or patients watching it alone may be triggered, or may  miss key points that are shown in the film, but not explicitly discussed.    The strength of the film comes when trained facilitators use the film to show examples of concepts that the facilitator, therapist, educator, physician or group leader are discussing with the group. These concepts are explained in the accompanying study guide.

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