This compilation of case studies helps clinicians understand some of the varied presentations of dissociation, and should be mandatory reading for any clinician working with the mental health of children or adults who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences, attachment trauma, adoption, or trauma in general. We, at Beyond the Cycle of Trauma Institute, have been so impressed with this compilation that we have purchased copies from the publisher, Routledge, in order to offer this invaluable resource at price that is more affordable to more clinicians. Hurry, supplies are limited! Shipping within Canada is free. If you are also interested in purchasing the special offer book "Parents are our other Clients", then get both at the same time for an even more affordable price by purchasing through the "bonus pack" product page. We thank our donors for making this public service achievable. (Maximum order = 1 per person)

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Written by some of the foremost international experts in dissociation in children and youth, this unique book presents a series of case studies showing how each therapist assessed the clinical presentation of the child/teen as it unfolded, and how the therapists decided to proceed forward with each step. An excellent summary of dissociation is presented by editor and co-author, Sandra Wieland, who was an internationally renowned therapist and consultant on child trauma and dissociation. In this 2015 edition, she also presents commentaries for each presented case study, helping to tie theories of dissociation with our practical clinical work.

If you work only with adults, this book is still sheds a unique and enlightening glimpse into the many presentations of dissociation. Many of the strategies and approaches used by these child therapists also have significance in the treatment of adults.  Medical professionals also can learn much about potential internal experiences of their adult patients with Adverse Childhood Experiences through the presentations of the children in this book.

Experts on Dissociation Therapy, such as Richard Kluft and Christine Courtois, have recommended this book as "a required reading" for anyone working with children and adolescents, and as a "much needed and welcome resource", and "richly rewarding and informative" for any clinician interested in trauma treatment.

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