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Do you work with children, but often find that the parenting requires shifting in order for the children to achieve their potential in behaviour, healing and learning? If you are a teacher, child counsellor or therapist, pediatrician, family physician, social worker, or anyone interested in improving parenting or secure attachment in families, you will find this insightful book to be a unique, must-read, practice-enhancing resource. Internationally renowned therapist and educator, the late Dr. Sandra Wieland, skillfully weaves the science of how the brain works with parenting and effective approaches for professionals to help shift the way parents are with their children. She also illustrates methods for us as practitioners and educators to observe our own practice in order to best connect with, and effect change in the parents with whom we have contact.  Child therapist, Sandra Baita, contributes an extra chapter that elucidates key information to help foster and adoptive parents and social services workers tackle difficult child behaviours. Examples of conversational strategies are embedded throughout this book, with explanations of the foundational elements, relating back to the brain science, behind each strategy.

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